Dare yourself to enter what some consider, one of the most haunted buildings in Toronto. In the Power House of Terror… you will experience fear at its deepest level.

CarnEvil Manor

CarnEvil Manor isn’t your average carnival, this is where the carnies, the clowns and all the distortions of nature live…. but they do not like to be disturbed. Visitors beware! This Manor has deep seeded secrets which you may uncover during your visit and challenge your perception of what is real. Things are not what they seem with jaw dropping performances and illusions that will play with your senses and make your escape extremely difficult.

Quarantine 2

Quarantine–“The Zombie apocalypse`  is a sick and twisted maze of carnage where zombies have taken residences. The Z1 virus is spreading and the zombies here are kepted secret from the public…until now. Before they feast on your mortal soul, you must fight for your survival in hopes that the military will soon come to your rescue.


Are you afraid of the dark…will should be! This attraction takes you to a whole other dimension. You will conduct your own tour of this fear filled maze.. Enter a dimension where reality as you know it will cease to exist.

Buried Alive – Sideshow attraction

Now your in the middle of a live action movie!  A Personal, Solo, Extreme Experience involving all the senses. Ever been in a real coffin before? Experience a simulated burial and get buried alive! This ride allows you to lie in a REAL coffin and feel what it would be like to be buried alive. If you’re claustrophobic, now is time to test your bravery.